Workplace benefits are important to employees. The benefits offered by a job can affect the level of workers it attracts. The better the benefits, the more dedicated the employees. Long-term care insurance, disability insurance, accident insurance, critical illness, and universal life insurance are all possible additions to a workplace benefits package.

Long term care insurance is sometimes offered as a workplace benefit. This policy provides coverage for people with chronic illness and disabilities who need help on a daily basis.

Disability insurance provides short-term benefits to cover the loss of wages. But the loss must occur because of an injury or disability that makes it impossible for you to work. Similar to this is accident insurance, which provides cash benefits if you are injured in an accident.

Critical illness insurance pays a benefit if you are diagnosed with a critical illness. You must obtain this coverage prior to getting diagnosed. You also cannot get this coverage if you are already or were previously diagnosed with the illness.

Universal life insurance pays your beneficiary a benefit upon your death. There are different types of policies. Universal is one that allows you to earn money in addition to the death benefit.

These benefits may or may not be offered by your employer. If you have a family, they can benefit from these policies as well. The cost is not completely free, but you pay considerably less than if you purchased the policies on your own.