Recreational vehicles are vacation homes on wheels. You might know them as motor homes and caravans. They are equipped with standard rooms and appliances that make them perfect for vacation trips. Luxury features like wide-screen TVs and leather seats is common as well. This is why RV insurance is a good idea, to protect your property while you’re on the road.


You have to keep in mind that any vehicle can get into an accident. This means your RV is just as at risk for an accident as any other vehicle. Insurance helps you when you need to make repairs and replacements on the RV.

Insurance Options

In most states, liability is the least amount of coverage you can purchase. But there are more advanced options available. Total loss replacement is a policy that replaces the RV if it is damaged beyond repair. Personal effects replacement covers the costs of lost, stolen or damaged personal belongings. When you’re on the road, you’re at risk for having items damaged or stolen from your RV. This coverage helps in that situation.

It also helps to have a policy that covers emergency expenses like hotel, food and transportation in the event your RV is stolen or damaged. There is also medical coverage to pay for medical injuries sustained during an RV accident.

There are several more options when it comes to recreational vehicle insurance. You can get roadside assistance and more. Talk with an insurance agent about your options.