Motorcycle insurance covers traditional motorcycles, street bikes, mopeds and more. Drivers of these vehicles need insurance protection just like other vehicles owners. The coverage protects them from financial liability in the event of accidents, theft or damage.

Most states require owners to have insurance before they can register a motorcycle or drive it on public roads. The minimum coverage varies by state, but liability is usually the least amount you can have.

This policy will pay some of the costs of repairing a damaged bike. It will also help if you damage someone else’s property or cause bodily harm. In addition to liability, you can get comprehensive coverage, collision coverage and medical payments coverage.

Liability pays for other’s injury and repair bills if you cause the accident. A rider should have enough liability to cover damages and injuries. So it helps to get as much as you can afford.
Comprehensive coverage is for non-collision damage caused by a fire, theft, falling object, or vandalism. It will also handle the costs of repairs if you hit an animal or the motorcycle is damaged in bad weather.

You need motorcycle insurance because it is required by law. But it’s also a great way to protect your personal assets and your investment in your vehicle.