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Children Battling Medical Conditions Are Facing Educational Challenges

Nearly 200,000 children in the greater New York City area rely on the city school system for individualized education plans that take into account special requirements such as learning disabilities, speech impairments, or emotional disturbance. Likewise, children undergoing treatment for cancer require specialized plans to ensure they receive the education they deserve.

Tragically, a recent report from the City Council shows that tens of thousands of children in New York and the surrounding areas did not receive their mandated special education services.

Ambassadors for Education

As Ambassadors for the national #AgentsofChange movement, Moran Insurance Agencies is committed to ensuring all special needs and cancer positive children in our area receive the educational resources they need. We will be launching a campaign to support local initiatives aimed at providing support for special needs children in their educational careers as well as in their battles to overcome cancer and other serious illnesses.

We’re going to need help from other members of our community to make this happen.

How You Can Help

We’re not seeking donations, instead we’d like to ask you to share our commitment to the special needs children in our area by referring a friend or loved one into Moran Insurance Agencies. We will provide them with a no cost consultation on insurance, and then we will happily issue a donation IN YOUR NAME to a regional initiative to provide for children in need of assistance.

Empowering Our Children

We hope you join us in helping to make sure all children in our area, regardless of the challenges they are facing, are able to receive the support and educational resources they deserve.


Nate Moran

Moran Insurance Agencies

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